Financing a car despite negative credit: possible but often difficult


How car financing can become reality despite poor credit check.

Have you made a negative credit check entry or do you have a low credit score and would you like to find out whether vehicle financing is still possible?

Or have you already flashed your loan request at your house bank and are now looking for alternatives?

We show you ways how you can finance your dream car despite a negative credit check and which points you should pay attention to.

Whether you want to buy your car in installments or seek vehicle financing with a third party bank, the problem is always the same.

Credit rating problems complicate any external financing of vehicles, regardless of whether a loan is requested from a dealer bank, a manufacturer bank or an independent car bank.

Financing a car despite credit check: This is how I proceed

Financing a car despite credit check: This is how I proceed

One point is particularly important when buying a car despite credit check. Submit multiple loan requests and get specific loan offers. Why?

Banks assess creditworthiness aspects differently according to their individual lending guidelines.

It is not only about the question of whether car financing is granted, but also about the interest rates.

Borrowers with negative characteristics or low scores can never count on the best loan conditions.

It is all the more important to find the cheapest loan offer by means of a comparison. Caution: When collecting credit offers, make sure that the offers are drawn up without obligation and without prepayment.

Also make sure that the bank only makes conditions-neutral requests.

Step 1: Don’t be surprised. Get a free self-assessment from credit check in good time. Find out what the possible problems are. What are the reasons for the low score?

Step 2: Try to fix the causes of the credit problems as much as possible. Clean up outstanding claims as much as possible. You can find more tips under the “credit check” category

Step 3: Comparison portals largely fail in vehicle financing despite credit check because the providers require perfect creditworthiness. Use them anyway. At Lite Lender, for example, there are providers who do not have such strict creditworthiness requirements.

Step 4: Turn on reputable credit brokers who specialize in loans from weak credit check. Our recommendations are and Maxda. No preliminary costs will be charged.

Step 5: Post loan projects on the P2P portals of Astro Finance and Lite Lender, if the offers of these financial service providers have not yet been taken into account in the comparison under step 3.

Step 6: Ask the dealer, manufacturer and your house bank for financing options. Confront these providers with any existing loan offers.

Step 7: Compare the offers. Accept the offer that best suits your personal situation and which is the cheapest.

Step 8: If no vehicle financing is achieved in this way, the last resort is car financing without credit check


With the credit broker, car loans are possible despite credit check entry. New cars, used vehicles and repairs to a vehicle are financed.

In principle, it is not always necessary to hand over the vehicle registration document. If the borrower’s creditworthiness is poor, assignments by way of security will tend to be the rule.

Vehicle financing is possible from an amount of 1,000 dollars. The terms start at twelve months. The interest depends on the creditworthiness.

For more details, see the credit intermediary’s product page.

Astro Finance is the leading loan exchange for loans from private to private. Financing a vehicle despite credit check is, in principle, not a problem at Astro Finance, according to the financial service provider.

The Astro Finance credit exchange justifies the good prospects for vehicle financing despite the poor credit check, among other things, with the special procedure for determining creditworthiness.

The company does not simply rely on the credit check score. It has developed its own sophisticated algorithm to determine the probability of failure.

More than 300 characteristics are included in the credit check. In addition to our own surveys, key figures from other credit agencies such as credit check such as arvato Infoscore and CEG are also taken into account.

Finally, Astro Finance gives credit customers the opportunity to purchase credit certificates and to transfer the vehicle they have acquired for security.

Regardless of who you turn to, credit intermediaries, P2P platforms or banks, in order to realize car financing despite low creditworthiness, you always have to expect higher annual interest rates and loan rejections.

If you read “car loan despite credit check – no problem” in the credit description, you can assume that the advertising is rather dubious.

What circumstances make a car loan easier despite credit check?

What circumstances make a car loan easier despite credit check?

The possible problems aside, some factors can significantly facilitate the external financing of a vehicle despite negative credit check.

Even with house banks or manufacturer banks, auto financing is not ruled out from the outset, despite negative characteristics in the files of credit bureaus.

This is especially true if there is a long positive business relationship between you and the bank. Trust is a good prerequisite for granting car loans in problematic cases.

There is also a significant advantage over general-purpose loans. You can easily assign your dream car as a backup.

Less problems arise if the credit check entry is completed but not yet deleted.

In some cases, additional collateral may be useful, such as pledging life insurance, securities accounts, and the like.

The bank will perform dances of joy if they offer a guarantor, or even better: a co-signer. The guarantor or co-signer must of course fulfill all of the creditworthiness requirements personally.

A particularly good and safe income is very helpful. A high attachable share of income is gracious to the bank.

In addition to transferring the vehicle as security, she may also request a silent assignment of salary.

It is no secret: civil servants and public servants are more likely to forgive negative credit check characteristics than other employees. The secure cover and the irrevocable position are decisive.

Anyone who has been with the same employer for a long time has better chances than an applicant who has constantly changed jobs or is only employed at short notice.

Which circumstances make car financing difficult despite credit check?

Which circumstances make car financing difficult despite credit check?

Now to the less pleasant truths. Vehicle financing despite negative credit check does not exist anywhere, provided the entries fall into the category of hard negative characteristics.

Affidavits, bankruptcy, warrant and open titled claims fall into this category.

You have no income or receive social benefits? Unfortunately, even in such cases, lending to yourself is impossible. The car financing can only be applied for by another person.

The same can apply to open garnishments as well as existing liabilities and assignments.

Especially when negative credit check entries are involved, attention is paid to a sufficient regular income, which is subject to the attachment.

If there are any doubts, it is very unlikely that car financing will be awarded despite the negative credit check.

Car financing despite negative credit check without down payment?

Car financing despite negative credit check without down payment?

Whether a deposit is required or not depends primarily on how much credit you think the bank can afford.

If your attachable income is comfortably sufficient to cover the loan installments for full vehicle financing, a down payment may not be an issue.

With a car loan despite negative credit check entries, own funds can increase the willingness to lend – for two reasons.

On the one hand, this reduces the loan amount. This increases the value of security if the motor vehicle is assigned as security.

This can be particularly important for new vehicles because the impairment in the first year of use is known to be exorbitantly high.

On the other hand, shorter terms are possible with higher monthly loan rates. The advantage for you: The total cost of debt financing for your vehicle drops significantly.

The advantage for the bank: the credit default risk is lower compared to long-term loans. Certainly a good argument if, despite credit check, a car is to be financed.


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